To complement living spaces with remarkable products


Purveyors of Chic Furnishings

Established in 2009, Becheras began as a manufacturer of bean bags and soft furnishings. After having built a series of successful brands, it turned to representing brands that have yet to penetrate the market in Singapore and South East Asia, building their goodwill through strategic planning and marketing.

Besides an expanding network of brick-and-mortar, online retail partners and logistics providers, Becheras' core strengths lie in e-commerce implementation such as dropshipment and online social media engagement.

To date, Becheras has 12 brands under its wing, and is just as proud to nurture emerging brands with untapped potential, as it is to endorse and promote established and award-winning brands.


Connecting remarkable products with connoisseurs

Becheras aims to enhance the quality of urban living by developing and distributing product brands with high aesthetic and emotional value, focusing on chic and functional furnishing that appeals to the increasingly demanding, young and affluent homeowner.

Whether you are looking for a distributor; products to retail; or to understand more about the brands we carry, we welcome you to contact us.

Services provided:

  • Representation and promotion of your product/brand
  • Social media and conventional marketing for your product/brand
  • Distribution of your product to physical and online retail stores within Singapore and Southeast Asia
  • Fulfillment for online retailers, including warehousing and delivery services within Singapore



We believe that trust is the basis of our relationships with our valued stakeholders: both externally with our business partners and customers, and internally within the Becheras team. We build and maintain this trust by being consistently reliable, competent, and approachable.


We strive to work efficiently and productively, continually improving our processes to deliver quality at greater value.


By seeking dynamic growth in our business and brands, we aim to provide ample opportunities to maximise the potential and develop the capabilities of every asset and member of the Becheras team.


We are of the opinion that happiness is the end goal for both our customers, and our employees. This means that we provide the best service we can manage to the customer - from the point they engage with us to the entire duration of product usage. This also means that we try to provide an enriching and happy environment for the Becheras team to work in.