doob Bean Bags

doob Bean Bags is a Singapore brand, with its products being designed and mostly manufactured in Singapore. It has been retailing since 2010 and has grown to be a leading name for bean bags in Singapore.

doob Bean Bags are proudly Made With Passion. Endorsed and curated by the Singapore Brand Office, brands bearing the Made With Passion label are recognised for the hard work and passion that goes behind their pursuit of excellence. doob Bean Bags is proud to be one of only 10 home and decor brands to earn the label in 2021. Read more about the Made With Passion project here.


Higher Quality

Workmanship is directly supervised within Singapore; design incorporates features to make the product more durable, easier to maintain, and safer for kids.

Distinctive Branding

Effort is made to amass a culture and following, with emphasis on fun and being different.

Attractive Design

Simple shapes, with curated fabrics that either pop as an accent piece, or blend with a scandi decor.