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We take our name from the old adage that everyone loves to blame ill fortune on – Murphy’s Law. While commonly cited as “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, we prefer to apply the saying positively, stubbornly insisting that there is no such thing as wrong design; it is just a matter of …

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Qualy Design

Qualy Design is the quintessential Thai design brand, embodying all that is good about Thai design – excellent product quality, creative design, with a sense of humour. Qualy Design has been churning out award-winning products inspired by nature that are well-loved and create accents with function in the home. In addition, Qualy Design comes with an …

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“Ototo” is a Hebrew word that refers to a future moment in time, meaning “any minute now”. The quirky award-winning product design studio from Israel believes that something new and exciting can happen at any given moment, that the next great idea is just around the corner, waiting to arrive. OTOTO designs functional household products, …

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Peleg Design

The world of PELEG DESIGN revolves around three basic principles: functionality, aesthetics, and humor. It is a world motivated by continuous curiosity with the explicit purpose to transform what was once an average, been-there-done-that concept into an innovative and truly exciting experience.

Mad About Mats

MAD ABOUT MATS is a brand of attractive and easy to maintain floor mats for in and out of the home and office. Proudly designed and made in Belgium, these mats come in several collections of varying art and deco styles, from Pop Art to Tile, such that there is most definitely a mat to …

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Hailing from Atlantic Canada, Zuutii is a brand of houseware and kitchenware products designed with sensitivity, to match customers’ needs. Zuutii homeware provides essential solutions without compromising on aesthetic beauty.


OMMO stands for the notion that good design is for everyone. OMMO desires to develop a universal design that fits the broadest spectrum of users in contemporary life, believing that they can make life a little more fun with well designed tools for everyday use. Dedicated to the principle that good design is functional and …

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Solcion is a Japanese brand of lifestyle accessories, their products designed with attractive yet subtle aesthetic; produced with high, uncompromising quality standards; packaged in simple but presentable getup. This, combined with the fact that their products are both unique and useful, make Solcion a great gift idea, and a great addition to your home. Known …

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Pana Objects

A humble little brand based in Thailand that takes wood and design closely to the heart. Pana is the Thai word for “forest”; therefore, Pana Objects means “Creations from the forest.” The brand pours every ounce of care, ideas and creativity in every product detail and is making waves in the international design community.