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Family plays a crucial role in our lives, offering us a constant source of support and love in all circumstances. Our belief and commitment to foster strong, close-knit families is the driving force behind Becheras’ decision to join the Made For Families initiative. We are proud to say that Becheras, and its brands – doob and mrphy – are now partners of the Made For Families ecosystem!

What is Made For Families (MFF)? The initiative was launched by the Prime Minister’s Office to assure families in Singapore of support from the government and community at large. The Made For Families brand mark serves to identify organisations and initiatives that contribute to a conducive ecosystem that supports parents and raising children in Singapore.

At Becheras, we are proud to offer a range of products that cater to families. Our mini Collection from doob is a specific collection of delightful kids bean bags chairs designed to provide utmost comfort and support for our precious little ones. We understand the importance of creating a nurturing environment for families, which is why we distribute and retail products such as attractive stationery and inventive home living accessories that make homes joyful and fun to be in. Furthermore, we extend our reach beyond individual households by providing sensory bean bags to educational institutions and Rehabilitation and Development Centers that benefit both neurotypical and neurodivergent children. We believe in the power of comfortable and versatile seating that promotes relaxation, play, and learning.

With the support of the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) and Enterprise Singapore, we developed huggu – a furniture series that incorporates pressure therapy principles and aims to boost calm and reduce anxiety, benefiting individuals across the neurodiversity spectrum. Our design process involved extensive collaboration with esteemed experts in occupational therapy and product design to understand the calming effects of pressure and the intricacies of sensory processing. With its gentle aesthetics and inclusive design, huggu offers a source of solace for families with elderly members, children, or individuals with special needs.

At our workplace, we have in place various family-friendly policies and initiatives. For instance, Becheras formed a contingent for Purple Parade 2022, where our employees and their families marched through the grounds of Suntec City, supporting inclusivity and celebrating the abilities of Persons with Disabilities. We have implemented flexible timing arrangements, allowing employees with children the flexibility to drop off or pick up their children from school or daycare. Our elderly employees are able to leave work early to avoid the rush hour. Additionally, we have introduced telecommuting (remote work) options, enabling employees to care for their children or elderly family members at home while still fulfilling their work responsibilities. Our employees are able to utilise their parental and child-care leaves without any restriction.

We at Becheras will continue our efforts to create more products, support family-friendly initiatives, and improve on our working environment to provide a conducive and joyful pro-family work experience.

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