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doob’s Wellness Partnership with LinkedIn: A Peek Inside the Wellness Studio

At doob, we truly believe in the power of comfort and relaxation to enhance well-being. We are thus excited to share a unique collaboration that brings the cosiness of our bean bag and our hugging chair to the heart of LinkedIn’s Wellness Studio. LinkedIn’s Commitment to Employee Wellness LinkedIn’s commitment to fostering wellness and mental …

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New Arrivals: Must Have Kitchenware from ZUUTII

Introducing an exciting kitchen revolution: we’ve just welcomed a collection of practical and indispensable kitchenware from Zuutii! From versatile reversible chopping boards to space-saving expandable dish drying racks and an innovative oil dispenser with a built-in brush, our latest additions are set to elevate your culinary experience. Join us on this journey as we explore …

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New Arrivals: Must Have Kitchenware from OTOTO Design

Tired of the same old kitchen look? Inject a dose of fun into your culinary space with the latest additions from OTOTO! These distinctive and practical products are essential kitchenware for every Singaporean home. From adorable crab-shaped infusers to a crocodile-inspired vegetable chopper, a monster-like pasta spoon and grater that adds a touch of humour, there’s …

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New Arrival: Home and Decor Accessories from Peleg Design

We are delighted to introduce an enchanting assortment of novel home decor accessories from Peleg Design. These accessories have been meticulously crafted to elevate your everyday experiences, covering a wide spectrum from essential kitchenware to bicycle accessories that can seamlessly match your unique style, interior decor, or kitchen aesthetics. They are sure to ignite engaging conversations! …

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mrphy and doob joins the Made For Families initiative!

Family plays a crucial role in our lives, offering us a constant source of support and love in all circumstances. Our belief and commitment to foster strong, close-knit families is the driving force behind Becheras’ decision to join the Made For Families initiative. We are proud to say that Becheras, and its brands – doob and mrphy – are now partners …

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Elevate Your Child’s Comfort and Your Peace of Mind: Discover Kids Bean Bag Chairs in Singapore!

Parenthood is a beautiful journey filled with precious moments, but let’s face it – it can also be challenging! As young parents, you’re constantly seeking ways to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your children while maintaining your sanity. Introducing doob’s mini Collection – kids bean bag chairs – the ultimate in kids furniture that promises …

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New Arrivals: doob – Heritage Collection

Unveiling the essence of Singapore’s heritage – doob‘s newest bean bag collection! Dive into the captivating history behind these design motifs, inspired by beloved Singaporean icons. These carefully chosen symbols also represent Singapore as a vibrant cultural melting pot, with Shophouses reflecting its colonial past and Peranakan tiles symbolising the harmonious fusion of Chinese and Malay traditions. …

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doob x Speco® – Antiviral-coating technology for your bean bags

Concerns about the spread of viruses and bacteria on frequently touched surfaces have become a significant worry for individuals, especially in the wake of recent global health crises. People are seeking ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from potential infections caused by contaminated surfaces. To address this, doob has partnered with Speco® to introduce an innovative …

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New Arrivals:  Home and Kitchen Accessories from OTOTO Design

We have new home and kitchen accessories from OTOTO Design on mrphy Singapore. Get them on, Shopee Mall, LazMall, BHG Bugis or TANGS Orchard. Let’s check them out! Lightbug – Solar-Powered Night LightWhen the day is over and it’s time for bed, kids can be afraid of the dark. They may be worried about monsters under the bed or …

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doob x Care Corner Singapore

Not long ago, we had the opportunity to sponsor Care Corner Singapore – a leading social service agency with 43 service points across Singapore, they serve children with special learning needs or from disadvantaged backgrounds, youth-at-risk, troubled families, vulnerable seniors and individuals with counselling and mental health needs. doob provided bean bags and huggu chairs …

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VCT Game Changers APAC Series 2023 Watch Party

The VALORANT Champions Tour: Game Changers APAC Series 2023 Watch Party was successfully held on March 19, 2023, at the AFTERSHOCK PC headquarters in collaboration with MAINCARD and FSL. The event featured Riot Games’ competitive circuit for women and other marginalized genders in the Asia Pacific region.

Accenture Singapore: All Access Day – 2023

On 11 March 2023, Accenture Singapore organised a distinctive event called All Access Day, tailored for students. The event aimed to enhance the applicants’ experience and give them an insight into Accenture’s offerings before joining the company. All Access Day was an immersive event that involved team sports activities to promote teamwork and resilience among the students.

Artbox Singapore 2023

Woohoo! Artbox Singapore 2023 was one for the books! Our doob Bean Bags had visitors buzzing with excitement, and they couldn’t get enough of our comfy and colourful designs. The vibes and atmosphere were so on point, we could feel the energy pulsing through our doob fats!

LASALLE Rock & Indie Festival 2023

LASALLE College of the Arts held its sixth annual music festival, the LASALLE Rock & Indie Festival, on 10 to 11 February 2023. The event was aimed at showcasing original and independent music by emerging and established local artists. The festival took place at LASALLE’s Flexible Performing Space and Campus Green, and doob bean bags were the seating choice for the event.

Care Corner Singapore – Carey Platform Launch 2023

Care Corner is a renowned charitable organisation in Singapore that has been providing healthcare and social services to uplift and promote the well-being of those in need for over four decades. Their extensive range of services includes counselling, family support, youth engagement, and eldercare. Care Corner is committed to assisting individuals and families in overcoming their challenges and leading fulfilling lives.

ALYPH’s Listening Party – February 2023

doob was thrilled to be part of an intimate listening party hosted by Universal Music Singapore (UMSG) on 6 February 2023 for Southeast Asian artist ALYPH. ALYPH, known for his viral track “SWIPE”, has amassed a significant following across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, with nearly 8 million video streams and over 1.7 million TikTok videos on the official TikTok audio.

A Night with Lullaboy – October 2022

On 28 October 2022, 100 lucky fans had the opportunity to spend an exclusive evening with Lullaboy at The Starloft, thanks to Universal Music Singapore (UMSG). And doob was proud to be part of the intimate acoustic showcase!

Raffles Place Alliance x doob

If you were looking for a cozy place to relax and hang out with friends or colleagues in Singapore’s Central Business District, doob had you covered in the past. Back on August 19, 2022, doob’s bean bags were located in the heart of Raffles Place, in collaboration with the Raffles Place Alliance for the launch of #RPChairs. This initiative aimed to bring a new and exciting experience to the community of Raffles Place Park.

Singapore @ Home 2022 – August 6, 2022

As part of the nation’s 57th birthday celebrations, Singapore Global Network organised and streamed a global live show – Singapore @ Home 2022 – to connect overseas Singaporeans and feature local businesses. doob Bean Bags’ founders Shane Low and Jay Cheng shared about the brand and the processes that go into making these well-loved bean bags.

The Straits Times – August 5, 2022

“To celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday, batik-centric fashion label YeoMama Batik has created a new print and collection, Bloom.

Inspired by national flower Vanda Miss Joaquim, the original orchid batik motif is illustrated in delicate continuous strokes to represent “strength and resilience through both memorable and challenging times”

Glyph Community: A Children’s Charity in Singapore – 2022

Not long ago, mrphy had the opportunity to sponsor Glyph Community – a children’s charity aiming to advance opportunities for underprivileged children and youth in Singapore. They conduct weekly non-academic activities and programmes that structure around a holistic development framework with a socially connected community. Starting as a simple community initiative back in 2017, Glyph was incorporated as a charity in 2021, supporting over 2,000 Singaporean families with endorsements by various government ministries.

Light To Night Festival 2020

The ever popular Light to Night Festival, held at the Empress Lawn in Singapore, is a feast for the senses. Visual displays, musical performances, and museum and gallery installations reward your mind, soul, and… instagram feed. By popular demand, doob Bean Bags were roped in to pepper the field with colourful and comfy seats for …

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Music for a Cause 2019

doob Bean Bags, being a staple seat for music festivals and concerts, were invited to support Music For A Cause – a music festival that seeks to raise awareness and funds for several social causes in Singapore. Outdoing themselves each year, 2019 saw big names like Joanna Dong lend a hand to the cause.

Light to Night Festival 2019

The 2019 Light to Night Festival at the Civic District was the biggest and best yet. Spanning six weeks, the festival ran through the Singapore Art Week and crossed straight into the Singapore Bicentennial commemoration! A feast for the senses, festival goers were treated to the sights and sounds of performances and installations. doob of course was there for the sense of touch!

Anime Gardens 2019

The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay transformed into an anime wonderland in the last weekend of March 2019 with Sakura Matsuri: Anime Garden 2019. With anime screenings, celebrity cosplayers, anisong performances, and even a Japanese food fair, the event was paradise for fans of Japanese pop culture. Having our own Japanese-influenced bean bag – …

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SMU Odyssey 2019

doob was the bean bag of choice for SMU’s largest ever mentoring event, Odyssey 2019. Bringing 200 alumni from across eight industries back to campus for intimate and candid bean bag sessions with eager undergrads, it was definitely a genius idea, whoever decided to get doob and add colour AND comfort to the event. Odyssey 2019’s distinguished speakers included Mr Ho Kwon Ping, executive chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings.

Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2018

Bean bags are PERFECT for gaming. PERFECT. That’s why when the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention rolled round, not getting doob? NOT AN OPTION. We decked the halls of Marina Bay Sands with the comfiest doobs, while people played with various games on Nintendo Switches, Sony Playstations, Xboxes and the like! Client: Reed Exhibitions

Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2018

The Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is an annual festival that celebrates and aims to promote the creation, development and appreciation of quality Asian content for children and young adults. Organised by the Singapore Book Council, the festival comprises presentations, panels, masterclasses, workshops, along with a festival bookstore showcasing a wide selection of books …

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Singapore Night Festival – 2018

Witness the birth of a new era! Okay, not an era, so much as a new butt-rest. As usual, we added colour and comfort to Singapore’s coolest yearly night-activity at the Bras Brasah and Bugis area with our doobs, and this time, we added the platami – our take on the tatami! You can bet they all were snapped up in no time!

World Cup 2018 at RWS

World Cup fever has hit our shores, and nothing goes together like bean bags and soccer! We provided tons of comfy bean bags to RWS for their live screenings, and what a spectacle it was! Huge screens surrounding the grand ballroom meant a great view for all and a comfy butt for the early birds!

WWF Earth Hour 2018

We were extremely proud to be a part of Earth Hour, an event to bring awareness to our energy use and to remind us to be conscious of our usage of resources. Our (energy-saving) doobs were employed in a dome near the Singapore Float where people came to chill out and watch the lights dim as the city turned its lights off, amidst performances by local acts.

Singapore Heritage Festival 2017

It’s hip to be old-school! Remember all the cool toys before the smart-phone era? That’s why doob Bean Bags was really proud to be part of the Singapore Heritage Festival in 2017, providing the doobs for people to lay back and watch classic movies and performances at Caldecott Hill, an especially poignant outing before the decades-long home of Mediacorp shifted.

DreamSeeds Arts Fest (Club Rainbow Singapore) – October 2016

For the month of October 2016, we committed to match every bean bag purchased on the doobsite with a doob bean bag to be pledged to Club Rainbow Singapore, a charity organisation that supports children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and their families. To tie in with the doobnation drive, we teamed up with Club …

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Singapore Jazz Festival 2016

Singapore’s biggest Jazz Festival SingJazz comes back in 2016! Guests were able to chill on doob Bean Bags whilst listening to the soulful jazz music played by the talented artists.

Soulscape – 2016

Singapore’s most iconic yoga festival returned in 2016 at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa, and of course they would want Singapore’s most iconic bean bags. doob Bean Bags covered the entire Tiger Lily Lounge like a ball pit for giants (but more comfy), while the festival goers, all decked in equally brightly coloured yoga attire, were sprawled all over the doobs as they watched the line up of performances, including capoeira demonstrations, or chillaxed to the beat of the ambient DJ and music sets.

Singapore Night Festival 2015

We are back for our second year running at the Singapore Night Fest 2015! Providing comfy butt-rests for the folks enjoying the live performances and movie screenings, while adding some colour to the festival green. Shoutout to Satire Singapore for getting doob! Photo Credit: Satire Singapore


“Here at OpenLectures we prize comfort over many other things (including occasionally food, water and shelter). It’s what allows us to work for hours on end coming up with quality content for our viewers. In this regard, Doob beanbags have been simply amazing in terms of their comfort and durability. Whether it’s taking a break …

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Darul Ihsan Orphanage

Darul Ihsan was established in June 1904 as an institution to provide for the maintenance, care and education of orphans of Muslim parents. This initiative was started by the Muslimin Trust Fund Association (MTFA) and has developed progressively over the years. doob® Bean Bags provided a few bean bags for the children’s lounge area.

Hackerspace is Singapore’s hacker community’s living room and laboratory. doob® Bean Bags provided some bean bags for the geeks / nerds / entrepreneurs to comfortably hang out in the evenings and work during the day.

ZoukOut 2010

What’s cooler than dancing and gyrating at Asia’s biggest dance music festival? Well, it has to be chilling out and having fun on doob® bean bags at Asia’s biggest dance music festival – ZoukOut 2010 at Siloso Beach, Sentosa! doob® provided 10 large doobsta’s in various colours at the booth of Havaianas Sandals, which (both the bean bags and the flip flops!) evidently were a hit with the young and trendy ZoukOut crowd.

SMU Gravical 2014 – Singapore Children’s Society (SCS)

doob was invited to lend a hand to SMU Gravical 2014, an annual bouldering competition organised by the Singapore Management University Climb Team. As part of Gravical 2014, a Space Race category was created to raise funds for the Singapore Children’s Society (SCS), and all proceeds go towards this cause. doob chipped in by providing …

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